Nice to meet you!

My name is Lindsay Fransen (13/8/1997), I am a professional dancer. Graduated at Fontys School of Fine and Performing Arts Dance Academy, Dance Arts in Context (FHK TDU DAC) The Netherlands. I started dancing when I was 5 years old because my parents needed a place for me to discard all my excess energy. Beside Jazz dance I competed at gymnesitcs for several years in my youth.

I decided to pursue my passion for dance at the age of 12 and make it into a carreer. With a pre education at CKE eindhoven I was accepted at Fontys immediately after graduation.

Right now after graduating I wish to continue my research in dance.  Follow my curiousity where it takes me. It has led me to new paths and new subjects that I am finding to integrate with my passion for dance. Next to teaching full time I am also researching the connection of body and mind through dance and neurology. What happens in our brain as we dance? And how can this help our well-being as a person? 


My interest in dance lies in the research and desire to learn more. Moving to me is a manipulation of energies and a never ending research in the body and I am known for being a very energetic performer. Strong qualities are floorwork and partnering for me.

I take inspiration in my surroundings and I am always excited to learn new styles and ideals. Take whatever interests me and fuse it with my own qualities. My comfort zone or preference style lies with contemporary modern and I am technically trained but open for new influences.

Learning and developing are two important things to me and are center of my work. I wish to gain inspiration as much as giving it, and share the wide possibilities and reserach for our well-being of dance in society. 

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