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Bon Voyage

Choreographer: Diego Sinniger de Salas

Dancers: Ali Clarke, Alison Duarte, Eline Ardon, Felice Roelofsen, Fernando Ger, Hannah Mahler, Jason Suen, Lindsay Fransen, Lola Beckers, Nataly Orozco Mercado, Pam van Ooijen, Shaquille George and Sophia Herzog.

25 May 2018/5-9 June 2018


An wink to every cliché modern piece there is. 
‘Bon Voyage’ was created by spanish performer and choreographer Diego Sinniger de Salas. The piece makes slight fun of cliché fragments of modern performances with a very serious atmosphere. Many elements are shown in this 20 minute performance: Theatre, popping, flow, floorwork, monologues, masks, underwear, anger, laughing and partnering. 

The piece is very integrate and many parts are put together delicately, moving through each other as an integrate web of movements. 

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