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                                                         Credits: Fsa.Photography

Choreographer: Samir Calixto

Dancers: Alice de Maio, Amber Veltman, Bai Li Wiegmans, Daniel Vliek, Eva Blunno, Evgenia Rubanova, Hanna van den Berg, Lindsay Fransen, Malika Berney, Océane Borcy, Sandy Harry Ceesay, Sara Miguelote, Yasmina Rochtus. 

13 October 2018


Describe for me.

Choreographer Samir Calixto recreated his performance ‘Bramato’ for the Dutch Dance Days (DDD) in Maastricht. ‘Bramato’ is a piece about desire and is literally translatable to ‘The desired object’. Working this time with internships students from the four dance schools in the Netherlands: AHK, Codarts, FHK and Artez, he remade ‘Bramato’ into a short piece and re-ensambles it with the new group of performers. 


We were taught many of the existing phrases, That were built up from slow intents and heavy movements, as if you were moving through tar, to explosive modern phrases. But as soon as the piece started we wouldn’t stop moving till the end. But Samir wanted to have the four different schools have their unique mark upon the piece. So we were tasked to made parts for the piece as well and integrate this with the other students. 

But next to learning us ‘Bramato’ Samir took time to teach us his way of moving and his vision. Within a month we remade the piece, trained everyday in floorwork and regaining momentum in circular motion and performed at Vrijtburg in Maastricht. 

                                                            Credits: Fsa.Photography

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