Lindsay Fransen

Contemporary Dancer | Dance Teacher

Houseroom SOLO

Please Leave…

Choreographer: Lindsay Fransen

Dancer: Lindsay Fransen



Describe for me.

“Life and death are old friends and I am the gift they give to each other.”

‘Please Leave’ is my own creation as a location performance. made specifically for in my living room. Based upon the video of Twice by Little Dragon, this performance was about the call from the unkown. I worked with a lot of partnering (with furniture) and floorwork in a tiny room. For me the interest was in the limits and yet the inspiration a small space gave for large movements.

My creation was part various small houseroom solo’s performed throughout Tilburg. With a rotation system we invited to audience in groups to see all the pieces and have a nice evening walk as well. They came and intrude in our most safe havens and turn this place into a stage, with the audience so up close there was no more wall between us.

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