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"Made of Earth and starry Sky. for their descent to the underworld they carry with them fine, bright gold and dark, heavy lead."
Niki Oikonomaki

Choreographer: Maria Sartzetaki

Dancers: Lindsay Fransen and Nataly Orozco Mercado

22-23/9/2017 and 2/10/2017


Describe for me.

‘KATABASIS’ is a duet created by choreographer Maria Sartzetaki BACH student at FHK (Fontys School of Fine and Performing Arts). With Music from Ianis Xenakis portraits this duet raw physicality as two dancers are descending to the underworld. The movements come from the inside and are fed by intention. Covered in gold Nataly Orozco Mercade and I throw ourselves across the stage. But the movements happen to us, we only witness them.

For her second creation at the BACH department, Maria Sartzetaki was tasked to create a duet. She decided to work with Nataly and I for our bodies, hair and personalities were almost the same. Twins we called ourselves. With our golden mask on you could barely recognise the one from the other. 

Credit: May van den Heuvel

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