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Tease Me Baby!

Credit: Noor van Gestel

Choreographer: Ree Esterhuizen

Dancers: Astrid Klein Haneveld, Ivana Berkhout, Keanu Sinnaeve, Lindsay Fransen, Lucas Devroe and Sharon Wessseling

24-25 June 2017


Describe For me

‘Tease Me Baby!’ by Ree Esterhuizen was the second choreographer I chose for my second year endperformance. It started out as a very serious piece focus on isolations within the body. But the further in the creation the crazier we became and our energetic performance became a dry porn on stage…

In our fifties clothing we represented the more aesthetics of life with a sharp edge to it. These aesthetics failed soon enough for powerful and grounded movements. And eventually for porn. 

In this process we were given a lot of freedom to co-create and bring input. We puzzled together to fit the movements through each other and with each other. It was a great experience to have so much influence on a performance and it was a great piece to perform. 

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