I have been working on my career as a professional dancer for the past eight years. And in these years I started to built up a small resume. Performances I presented or created. Work that I find worth sharing. This is not limited to performing only but takes up most of it.

My plan is to keep on posting the processes I have been in. Give you an insight of the work I have done and will do in the future. Keep building up my resume and share what I love to do the most in the world.


As a professional dancer I have been performing in various projects. From stage work to location pieces. In this block I will show you most of my work in photo’s, video’s and experiences.


As a visual representation of my perfroming carreer I have created my very first Showreel. A small video compilation of my most important projects.


Next to performing on stage I love to share my work with others. You can book me for workshops of various classes.


Aside my main education as a dancer I became interested in Photography and mindfullness. In this block I will explain and show my extra work activities.


Find here a collection of photo’s and video’s that are not from any of my projects. Improvisations, classes, workshops and shoots I have done you can all find in here. So If you want to see more of me as a performer and as a person…