For the end creation of my minor: Media in Performance we were tasked to conduct a research to our choosing with photography.  I descided to experiment with the effect of paint as a non-virtual editor.

I worked together with the beautiful Eva Gaie Huisman as model. I wanted my photo’s in black/white to enlarge the contrast of the paint. And had some ideas in mind what the outcome could be. But durint the shoot we researched with prepared posing to create certain effect. Such as picture 2, where I thought of the use of paint and the outcome before hand. But picture 1,3 and 4 where random posed and only afterwards experimented on with the possibilties of paint.

I wanted to create the outcome in various styles. So I printed the empty photo’s multiple times in order to try multiple styles on them. I have Jackson Polluck inspired work and Pop-art inspired work for example.