As a dancer I love sharing my knowledge and discoveries of this field to others. Therefore next to performing I also give workshops to whomever is interested. My workshops can be from 1-3 hours per class  (So you can also hire me for multiple classes). 

You are more then welcome to contact me for more information regarding the workshops or to book me.


I can give classes in these styles:

  • Floorwork                                                      Beginner/Intermediate/Master
  • Modern                                                          Beginner/Intermediate/Master
  • Ballet                                                             Beginner/Intermediate
  • Jazz                                                              Beginner/Intermediate
  • Cunningham                                                  Beginner/Intermediate                                      
  • High Heels                                                    Beginner/Intermediate
  • Stress release through movement


50 euro’s per hour (excl. travelling expenses)