Lindsay Fransen

Contemporary Dancer | Dance Teacher


Choreographer: Xisco Ribosh

Dancers: Daniela Rodrigo, Konstantina Nadia Stranzali, Lindsay Fransen and Sharon Wesseling

30 September 2018


Describe for me

Upon seeing our third year end performance, breaker Xisco Ribosh decided to create his first theatre performance with four all round dancers. Xisco Ribosh is a known breaker and founder of ‘The Hustle Kidz’. He came to fontys with a specific idea in mind. The show would be an bridge between breakdance and ballet/modern dance. 
We started creating within a period of two weeks for the Tilburg Urban Dance Event (TUDE). Xisco taught us many breaking tricks and we found ways to integrate this with our physical language. The entire process felt much like conducting an experiment, with researching and finding ways to cooperate. 


‘X’ became an urban contemporary dance performance, where the individual was center. We worked with co-existing and integrating, how the individual can fill each others gaps and create something new together. 


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