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Credit: Sjoerd Derine
Credit: Sjoerd Derine
Credit: May van den Heuvel

Choreographer: Andrea Beugger

Dancers: Ali Clarke, Astrid Klein Haneveld, Jasmijn de Boer, Keanu Sinnaeve, Lindsay Fransen and Nanna Gram Bentsen



Describe for me.

My first creation at FHK (Fontys School of Fine and Performing Arts) was with the amazing performer and choreographer Andrea Beugger.  ‘Zweefduik’was a combination of theatrical and physical dance, Modern Dancetheatre. The performance was filled with laughter, personal stories, shaking and sliding. Added to a lot of contemporary elements such as floorwork and partnering. To me ‘Zweefduik’ was a perfect first taste of what the working field had to offer. 

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